Guide de style: les bases pour bien s'habiller

Style Guide: The 101 of Dressing Well

Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or fit in with it, looking good is important. For some men, dressing well may seem extremely complicated, when it shouldn't be. To help, our team has put together a men's style guide to help you look your best whether it's for work or casual occasions.

The 5 basic rules of style

Let's discuss the five basic components of a successful style: uniqueness, versatility, ease of maintenance, timeless to a certain extent and positive influence. Here are a few more details on each of them:

Règle n.1: Uniqueness

Your style should be personal, an extension of yourself. You are unique, there is no other person like you. Your style should indicate this, even in the most subtle way. Usually one signature for your style is enough.

Do you like colorful socks? Great, do your thing.

Do you collect a brand of dark denim jeans? Perfect, keep it simple.

Do you like your watch collection? Great, let them shine by keeping the rest of your clothes simpler.

Simplicity is key in exploring an individual style. There's no faster way to kill an outfit than to overdo it. Once you have your signature, stick to it and repeat it. People will remember only one thing about your style, so overdoing it risks diluting your effort and your style.


Rule n.2: Versatility

Your style should help you through your day. It shouldn't be a burden or be uncomfortable. It must be adapted to all the situations you encounter in your day. It should be interchangeable, with each piece capable of creating multiple looks.


Rule n.3: Ease of maintenance

With little effort, you should be able to look great with a modern look. From buying clothes to washing, your style should be easy.

You shouldn't be stressed about comfort, pleats or even color matching. Keep it simple with colors that work well together and materials that require little maintenance to look good.


Rule n.4: Timeless to a certain point

In our changing world, few things are truly timeless, especially in fashion, 5 years is a good goal. Try to invest in items that will last anywhere from two to five years. Enjoy your style and evolve it on this timeline and you will always look current and up to date.

Rule n.5: positive influence

Personal style is your media platform, your secret marketing team. Your style tells the world: status, confidence, vigor, intelligence – long before you have a chance to open your mouth. There are few things in life that have as much influence on others as your style. Normally, 3 seconds is enough to form an opinion about someone. Make sure you make a good impression by looking great.


Invest in a few key pieces

Are you familiar with the Pareto Principle? This principle stipulates that “20% of an investment is responsible for 80% of the results”. In reality, we all wear jeans more than everyone else. We all have a favorite shirt or two. There are key pieces in each of our wardrobes that do the heavy lifting. To maximize the Pareto principle, start by investing in a few key pieces, then buy more.

For example: a few pairs of good jeans, a few shirts in classic colors that flatter you, and finally a key shoe in a few classic colors. These choices can make your style very easy and manageable, and provide a solid foundation for your wardrobe.


Pick the right fit

A fitted jacket will always look better than a more expensive but poorly fitted jacket. Whenever buying new pieces, always keep your size and fit in mind. While it can be tiring to always take your measurements to try out new pieces, the results are worth it.

By always choosing the right fit, your clothes will blend perfectly with your body. If you find that the cut of certain garments is bad, do not hesitate to contact a tailor.

Don't change a winning recipe

Which pieces give you the most confidence? In which styles do you receive the most compliments? If you don't know the answer to any of the questions, feel free to explore it. Success will leave you clues.

Try lots of different styles and get feedback from your partner, relatives or friends. When you find the winning recipe, max it out. Invest in all the colors that look good on you.

Don't try to find 10 different pants from 10 different brands – it's a waste of time. Instead, take the time to find the right one for you and maximize it.

Today, finding pieces that appeal has never been easier with free delivery on the internet. No need to endure the mall.

To get started, explore our pants collection which includes styles from over 20 different brands..

The Right Style for the Right Occasion

There's always a right time and place to wear a specific outfit, so it's important to have options in the bank for those days when you need formal attire. Whether you are going to a wedding or a brunch, there are certain rules to follow and tips to adopt.

If you're on your way to an event or gala, opt for a tuxedo or a three-piece suit. For casual occasions, you can't go wrong with jeans, a t-shirt and a light jacket.

Remember that smart-casual and business casual are two different things. Just be sure to check the dress code with the organizer before heading to an event.


Invest in quality shoes

No matter what event you're attending, quality shoes are a must. Not only do they complete an outfit and make you look neat, but they also provide great support for your feet which reduces the risk of back problems.

When choosing a pair, go for something versatile that works for all types of occasions, like dark leather dress shoes or a Chelsea boot.

Rocking shades of brown or black pair perfectly with colors like cream, navy, and traditional tones, so you can wear them with almost anything.

Add a jacket

You don't have to go to a formal event to wear a jacket. Unlike suit jackets, these pieces have no matching pants and can be worn as separate mismatched pieces. Opt for an everyday t-shirt underneath, chinos and dress shoes for a laid-back, fresh aesthetic.

You can brighten up a winter look by pairing a wool jacket over a hoodie and jeans. No matter how you wear it, a jacket can create a sophisticated and casual outfit for any occasion.


Accessorize, but not too much

Accessories can make or break an outfit. But once you've found something you love, you'll want to wear it with everything.

Some must-haves include sunglasses and a quality watch – they enhance any outfit you wear without overdoing it.

If you're not going to an overly formal event, switch things up with a fun pair of socks. They're hidden most of the time, but they can add personality to an outfit without looking crazy.

Simple touches like these can tie an entire look together, without making you feel overdone..


Last thoughts

With millions of clothing options available, style can be intimidating. Too often men are afraid to take a style risk and continue to dress badly.

Like finances, styling isn't a life skill we learn in school. The need to dress well and have a good style has as much impact as a good education. Get to work and take the necessary actions to help you elevate your style.

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