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How to wear a sweater?

How to wear a sweater? It may seem like a simple question, but there are so many ways to wear it and so many sweater styles, the possibilities are endless. How to find the right one? Here are our tips and advice!

Our first, to be adopted with all sweaters, is: the “French tuck”. To succeed, your sweater must not be too tight and you must insert it just a little in your pants, at the front. You will give the impression of having a casual, yet thoughtful look. It will also benefit your silhouette!

The t-shirt, the all-star of your wardrobe

Why is it the all-star? This is probably the piece you wear the most often. So many looks are possible with a t-shirt!

Whether you're more into v-necks or crew-necks, all of these tips apply to both.

We advise you to get a few t-shirts larger than your usual size to adopt the famous more relaxed and cool look. Let it out of your pants using the "french tuck" technique and voila!

Add a little colorful scarf around your neck and you're back in the 50s! No need to tell you that several trends from those years are back in fashion today.

You can also wear it to simplify a look that seems too chic to you. To replace the shirt under a jacket or with a skirt and a pair of sneakers for example!

Over a dress, tying a knot at the bottom. Eh yes! Underneath a dress with small straps too. It is not only worn with pants.

There is even the t-shirt dress: relaxed, trendy and easy to accessorize. You can wear it with a high boot for a more glam and chic look or with a sneaker or a sandal for an everyday look.

It can be the centerpiece of your look if you choose a colorful one with an original cut, but it can also be worn simply, in plain and neutral shades, with a pair of jeans, under a cardigan or an open shirt, a denim or leather coat, with superimposed necklaces, a boot… everything is possible!

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Knitwear, your best friend

A very cool trend is the loose knitting, sleeveless sweater, worn over a large shirt or a simple dress. You know, the knitwear that our grandfathers wear or wore? Yes yes, those!

In general, the loose knit is really a must have, the more you have, the better! They are cozy, comfortable and comforting in colder weather, but they are also very fashionable.

With skinny jeans, you can't go wrong. It's simple and effective and knitting becomes the star of your ensemble.

It is also very beautiful with "boyfriend" jeans, that is to say looser, if you want to assume a more relaxed, but no less trendy complete style.

Other options are available to you:

  • With a skirt or over a dress, worn with a nice sneaker. In winter, add tights and boots;
  • Simply in a dress. Like the t-shirt, if it is long enough, knitting makes very pretty dresses;
  • Finally, in a cardigan version. Nothing more comfortable! You can pair it with the matching shirt or t-shirt of your choice.

Please note: the loose knit trend adds volume. If you want to elongate your figure instead, be sure to wear more fitted bottoms like leggings, skinny jeans or a long skirt and shoes with minimal heels.

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The elegant turtleneck

This one is practical for adding a little dressier touch to your looks! Buy yourself a turtleneck or turtlenecks in neutral colors that go with most of your clothes, so you can easily match them with almost anything.

The knit turtleneck, entered in a high waisted pants is YES! Comfort and style come together for a winning look.

In superposition, we also approve! Tight under a dress, under a shirt or under a loose jacket. It gives new life and a new style to your favorite dresses and a less chic and strict look to your jacket.

It also looks great with a mid-length skirt! Tuck it into the skirt a minimum for a more dressy style.

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The cardigan, ally for all seasons

It is the sweater that always complements your looks. By playing with textures, colors, materials and cuts, it offers you so many possibilities! But think again, it's not just a jacket, it can be a sweater in itself. Wear it completely buttoned up and you have a new sweater!

It goes from a structured jacket to a loose-fitting bathrobe look or a sporty cropped-top look.

Between “casual” comfort and sophistication, it can blend into your look and be a great all-rounder, but it can also really stand out.

To feminize it, add chic pieces like heels and a short and preferably tight dress.

To relax it, go for the jeans and sneakers combo, ideal for an effortless, but very trendy look.

It can be very long for a relaxed look, but also to transform into a dress. All you have to do is add a belt to the waist and put on your most beautiful high boots and elegance is guaranteed.

In summer, opt for a cropped cardigan in thin fabric with high-waisted pants and sneakers.

All of these sweaters can be worn under or over a shirt, so we can't miss a few tips about shirts.

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The shirt, the all-rounder

If you don't have a white shirt that fits like a glove in your closet yet, it's time to go shopping! Then have fun with textures, patterns, cuts and materials. A great shirt that reflects your personality will look great with almost anything.

Wear it under a sweater to only show off the collar, cuffs and a bit of the hem.

Dare the loose shirt completely out of the pants. The pants can be adjusted to slim your figure or loosened for a completely relaxed and fashionable style.

It can be worn over a t-shirt and becomes a jacket in itself. Make sure it is not too fitted if you want to adopt this look, otherwise the jacket effect will not work.

It will be beautiful under a jacket for a more chic style, with a scarf that matches the same print of your t-shirt for a more bohemian look and even with a tie to stand out at work! With jeans, leather pants, unbuttoned and tied in a knot over one of your pretty midi-length dresses… anything is possible!

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